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We get way more submissions than we can list. Please consider these guidelines before uploading to avoid your photograph being rejected:
  • Examples of what makes the kind of image loved by our audience can be found by looking at our top boobs page.
  • We cannot accept photos that contain information that may identify the subject(s) of the photograph.
  • You must be the copyright holder for the image, or have express written permission of the copyright holder.
  • We make no distinction between small boobs, big boobs, old boobs, young boobs, etc. Some people love small boobs, some like big boobs, some in between. We love them all!
  • Blurry photographs will usually be rejected.
  • Both covered and uncovered boob images are permitted.
  • We do not accept images that contain explicit pornographic content.
  • You can upload new photos as often as you like, but DO NOT constantly delete your old pictures after uploading in an attempt to get to the top ten or we will stop accepting your photos.
  • No, we do not accept man boobs. Strictly female photos only!

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